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Public Affairs and Business Development

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who we are

CIG is a bipartisan firm comprised of former public officials, agency professionals, and communications experts with an intimate knowledge of government.


what we do

CIG offers a wide range of integrated services to help our clients manage the realities of today’s political, economic and regulatory environment.


our clients

CIG’s clients include a broad range of individuals and corporations, including: Fortune 500 companies, non-profit groups, small businesses, entrepreneurs, government entities and industry associations.


CIG Insider NJ Podcast with Paul Crupi

Listen to the eighth episode of the Capital Impact Group Insider NJ podcast with host Paul Crupi and Governor Phil Murphy’s Chief of Staff George Helmy.

Providing a Comprehensive
Roadmap for Success.

Here at CIG, we understand that every company and organization is driven by a unique set of values, needs, and goals.  For each client, we develop and execute an individualized plan that encompasses multiple levels of government outreach and communications strategies, navigating the complexities of government bureaucracies and addressing potential obstacles along the way.

With decades of experience working with all levels of government, Capital Impact Group (CIG) steers our clients to their final destination and delivers results by providing a comprehensive roadmap for success.